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The unique features of this project

  • Architecture and Engineering combined to reduce costs                      
  • This project brings together simplicity of class and a tight budget

Project Description

This Black + White House, originally of the 1970s had a contorted plan, full of angles and curves, with small rooms not suited to today’s desire for simple open spaces. Glazed roofs were thermally unsustainable, and the glazed wall and roof of the main ensuite faced the street and lacked privacy.  The initial brief was to create a more generous master bedroom zone which was achieved by extending and redesign this area to include large sliding panels between the bedroom and bathroom, enablinga view of the new walled courtyard from all parts of this area. 

The removal of the front wall and extension of the garage towards the street required a complete redesign of the front elevation and approach to the house. While the original house had rendered walls, large expanses of glass and a predominantly flat roof, it was dated in appearance. The new façade is a strong and contemporary interplay of black and white forms which compliment the original building.

The completed design has given the client more than they originally expected, with the transformation of the master bedroom zone and living areas providing a more open and useable layout.  The architect and interior designer worked closely on the design of this renovation, with the landscape designer collaborating in the design of the front fence and approach to the building, which was an essential part of the overall concept.

The design of this project was always guided by the need to retain as much of the existing fabric of the building as possible to minimise cost, with wet areas retained in the same location where possible. The removal of part of the existing concrete floor in the living areas was a bold move, but the benefit of this simplification of levels was well worth the cost in providing a greater area of usable space.

Black + white can most definitely be striking..