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Our Family Business


Julian and Raphael Schlesinger (JRS) began their combined Design and Engineering business in Melbourne in 2012.  

By combining Julian's 14+ years of multi-disciplinary Engineering experience, with Raphael's 10+ years experience with renowned Australian Architects, Julian and Raphael deliver time and cost efficiencies on every project, under the one roof.  

We call ourselves JRSbrothers, with family and value at our core.


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Architect  Raphael              0421 982 761

Engineer  Julian                 0402 909 473

Oakleigh House

Oakleigh House

Toorak Townhouses

Toorak Townhouses

Middle Park Terrace

Middle Park Terrace

Rosemont House

Rosemont House

McKinnon Townhouses

McKinnon Townhouses

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About Raphael Schlesinger

Before JRSconsult, Raphael worked for a combined 8 years with two of Melbourne's most renowned Architects.

This experience allowed Raphael to acquire the delicate skills required to carry out boutique, in-vogue Architecture at a residential and commercial level.  Through working with his brother, Julian, Raphael also acquired a great understanding of Engineering, leading him to inspired, cost effective and efficient designs, much like his most admired Architect + Engineer, Santiago Calatrava. 

Ph. 0421 982 761


Architectural Services

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About Julian Schlesinger

Before JRSconsult, Julian acquired more than 12 years experience with two of Australia's most recognised Engineering firms, Aecom and Beca.

Julian's knowledge of and experience with grand structures including bridges, tunnels, railways and high-rises gives him the ability to work efficiently with all types of Engineering projects that JRSconsult offer including residential, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Ph. 0402 909 473


Engineering Services



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This property in Glen Iris achieved over $400,000 above the property’s market valuation with our approved plans.

JRSdevelopments will provide you custom Architectural plans, often worth over $30,000 that will be submitted to your local Council for approval.  If approved by Council, your property valuation will instantly increase and developers, investors, home buyers and others will be attracted to purchase your land for a premium price, well over your original valuation.  You will simply pay a small amount for a land survey, if needed, & Council application fees.  We will manage the rest!

We know what councils want, we know developers and investors will pay more for land with development approvals. If you are selling your property, planning to sell your property, seeking to develop & live in one of your custom new subdivided homes

...then JRSdevelopments is perfect for you!

Property Inspections

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If you want to know whether that dream home or investment property you are considering is worth the purchase and is structurally sound, JRSconsult carry out a pre-purchase house inspection giving you peace of mind for that future investment, at a fraction of the price of Archicentre!

All inspections are carried out by qualified, experienced and fully registered Engineers with the true knowledge and understanding of a property.




With over 18 years combined experience in design and building structures, JRSconsult will inspect your existing building and advise the most effective and efficient way of rectifying defects at a fraction of the price of Archicentre!

Our highly qualified inspectors have an eye for all types of structures, enabling us to identify structural issues early, costing you less in the long term.