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  • Your property + our development approvals = increased sale price of your land                                                       
  • JRSconsult's development plans will increase the value of your property! 

Project Description

JRSdevelopments will provide you custom Architectural plans, often worth over $30,000 that will be submitted to your local Council for approval.  If approved by Council, your property valuation will instantly increase and developers, investors, home buyers and others will be attracted to purchase your land for a premium price, well over your original valuation.  You will simply pay a small amount for a land survey, if needed, & Council application fees.  We will manage the rest!

This property in Glen Iris achieved over $400,000 above the property’s market valuation with our approved permits 

We know what councils want, we know developers and investors will pay more for land with development approvals.

If you are:

Selling your property…

Planning to sell your property…

Seeking to develop & live in one of your custom new subdivided homes…

...then JRSdevelopments is perfect for you!

Huge extra profit on the sale of your property..