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The unique features of this project

  • Architecture and Engineering combined to produce an inspired design that changes the way we think about the conventional garage!                                             
  • This project is cost effective, time efficient and beautifully elegant.  

Project Description

The Oakleigh house comprises a rear extension to an existing recently refurbished weatherboard dwelling in Melbourne's south-east.

The first part of the brief for the project requested a multi-use space that could house two new cars, large amounts of secure storage, a barbeque area, a garden store, a workshop and an expandable entertainment area.

The second part of the brief sought to bring modern aesthetic to what could be seen as a basic outdoor garage.  We have therefore taken the notion of a typical suburban garage being exposed and unfinished compared to the remainder of a home and expressed all structural elements inside the space to create an 'unfinished', brutalist, bold look.  

Polished concrete floors, painted exposed block-work walls, custom exposed double trusses spaced every 1.2m and black anodised pipework all come together in this new-age extension.

An inspired design for an age-old concept..